We Deliver Food, Beer & Cigarettes, 11am - 10pm!
Music Daily!
Homegrown Music Venue — homegrownmusic.net
Cary Street Café
Richmond, Virginia
Established 1995
Open 7 days a week, 11am to 2am

Please submit all booking requests below.

We do not book solo/duo/acoustic acts.
All other bands please submit any EPK's or band links with your contact info below.

It may take some time to respond, but we strive to make contact with all inquiring bands.

Please do not call the venue!

Hey all you local bands that say you would like to play at CSC - here's a chance to get your foot in the door - you can open up for one of our regular night bands!

Contact the headlining band directly, see if they would like to have you open, then have all of your friends and fans come out and make sure to tell them to let the door guy know they are here to see YOUR band! If you sound good and bring out a lot of folks, we will definitely book your band!

Note: All opening acts are booked by the headlining bands and not the venue so please contact them directly for any opening opportunities.