We Deliver Food, Beer & Cigarettes, 11am - 10pm!
Music Daily!
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Cary Street Café
Richmond, Virginia
Established 1995
Open 7 days a week, 11am to 2am

Weekly Shows

nighttime shows 21+

Every Sunday Afternoon Old-Time Jam w/ Tripp & Jenny Johnson

3-5pm - No Cover
Every Sunday Evening Karaoke

9:30pm - No Cover
Every Monday Evening Karaoke

9:30pm - No Cover
Every Tuesday Afternoon Dave Shiflett & Friends
4-7pm - No Cover
Every Tuesday Evening TBA

Every Wednesday TBA

Every Thursday Afternoon Tripp & Skip
Garcia, Grisman, Kahn Covers Acoustic Jam
4-7pm - No Cover
Every Thursday Evening The Trongone Band
Dead Covers / Jam Band
10pm - No Cover
Every Friday Afternoon E-String Al & E Rock Acoustic
Acoustic Jam
5-7:30pm - No Cover
Every Saturday Afternoon Acoustic Jam w/ Dave Shiflett
Acoustic Jam
2-5pm - No Cover

Picnics To Go

Cary Street Café has great live music featuring jam bands, reggae, bluegrass, rock & alt-country.

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We deliver beer

Upcoming Shows

7/28 Red Lite Rodeo
4-7pm  - No Cover
7/28 Karaoke
9:30pm  - No Cover
7/29 Dave Shiflett & Friends  - Acoustic 
4-7pm  - No Cover
7/29 Rillsoul  - Rock 
10pm  - No Cover
7/30 Doug Fisher Acoustic
4-7pm  - No Cover
7/30 Doug Fisher Acoustic
4-7pm  - No Cover
7/30 Homemade Bread  - Jam Band 
10pm  - No Cover